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Shovelhead Bobbers

Before choppers, there was bobbers...

This site is dedicated to all Harley Davidson Shovelhead motorcycles which have been converted to Bobber, Chopper, Lane Splitter, Lowrider or Barhopper, and everything in between, whether Bare Bones Bobber, Bare Knuckle Ratbike, Flat Track Racer, Dirt Bike or Oldschool Custom Bike.

Click to check out the Atomic Custom AC6 Shovelhead Bobber by Trent.

The Harley Shovelhead engine was introduced on the Harley Davidson Electra-Glide models in 1966, replacing the Panhead engine. In fact, until 1969 the Shovelhead engines retained the same lower end as the last series of Panhead engines, with the generator placed in front of the engine case "Sportster-style". These early engines are nicknamed "Generator Shovelhead".

In 1984, eighteen years after its introduction, the Shovelhead engine was replaced by the Evolution engine. End of an era.

Whereas the Evolution or Evo engine that replaced the Shovelhead was developed with considerable help from outside the Company, some people maintain that the Shovelhead was the last true Harley Big Twin engine. (Kindly note that the Harley Davidson Sportster Ironhead engine - of which the Shovelhead design was derived - wasn't replaced until 1986)

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